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Late in Life Productions is proud to announce its partnership with "Bantay Bata", a child welfare program in the Philippines that not only rescues and rehabilitates sick and abused children, but also provides shelter, therapy and quality home care for rescued children until they can be reunited with their families or referred to proper child-caring agencies. The movie and the organization share the same vision of providing hopes, dreams, and opportunities to children that were left with no choice but to face insurmountable challenges in life. Part of the proceeds of "Tall as Trees" will go towards this amazing organization.

Tall as Trees





Apple Domingo

MIRA (age 10) sells flowered (sampaguita) leis on the streets of Manila for her overbearing mother. Mira is full of life and light and wants only to go to school and someday be an actress. Her mother stands in the way, not wanting Mira to transcend beyond what she herself has accomplished in life. Mira befriends Jude and Shutoy, putting herself in harms way at times to do what is right. Through her love of life, Mira opens the boy's eyes to what is beautiful in the world, even amid squalor and chaos.

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