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Late in Life Productions is proud to announce its partnership with "Bantay Bata", a child welfare program in the Philippines that not only rescues and rehabilitates sick and abused children, but also provides shelter, therapy and quality home care for rescued children until they can be reunited with their families or referred to proper child-caring agencies. The movie and the organization share the same vision of providing hopes, dreams, and opportunities to children that were left with no choice but to face insurmountable challenges in life. Part of the proceeds of "Tall as Trees" will go towards this amazing organization.

Tall as Trees
"I liked your film. People are thirsting for films like this, about what is dear to them -- family, the vulnerability of love, and its triumph. You say very important things about poverty, especially in how children grapple with it ... the uncanny power and dignity of behaving morally in spite of one's poverty ... poverty's relationship to corruption, the heavy price the Philippines has paid for this. You're very close to the film right now and I'm sure you're agonizing over various technical aspects that didn't turn out the way you would have liked. Speaking from experience, in a few years, with distance, you'll love this film in the way your audiences already do. Tall as Trees is worth the wait. Write another one. We need more films like this"
George Soler, Seattle
"Thank you for making such a powerful and entertaining movie that will be a source of endless pride for your Boeing co-workers and your countrymen. May the good and precious Lord give you special strength and perseverance to walk in his path to bring awareness to the plight of the poor, the homeless, and God's Special Children...the street childre"
Napoleon Meneses, Seattle
"Having seen the movie on Friday, 3/14/08, I heartily suggest that it be seen by all with an eye to something different, something that reaches out and touches you in many ways that not very many movies do. All the emotions are called into play, and when the movie is over, you still can feel them. I have only been to two movies where the audience actually applauded, one was the Phantom of the Opera, Tall as Tree's is the other. Both well deserved the applause. A hardy congratulations to all in this movie, from the actors, actresses, filming crew, all"
William Simpson, Seattle
"Tall as Trees is and exciting and engaging family adventure/drama in the tradition of Finding Nemo and Oliver Twist. It is well paced and should hold the attention of young and old alike. The action mostly takes place in Manilla which provides an interesting locale that is, at the same time, familiar, exotic and dangerous. All the actors are well cast, particularly the children, who have the perfect blend of innocent charm and ability to handle difficult emotional scenes. There was just the right blend of adventure, drama, and comedy to make the film very entertaining. I will be sure to get it when comes out on DVD. There was only one aspect of the film that might be 'tweaked'. Some of the dialogue spoken by the children was difficult to understand. You should screen the film with people unfamiliar with the movie who are specifically reporting unclear dialogue and try to work with the soundtrack or 'loop' these lines for clearity. This problem occured several times and is not uncommon with young children and particularly with accents, but it did not significantly impact the understanding of the movie which was very liniar and easy to follow"
Larry Christensen, Seattle
"My family enjoyed this movie. At the beginning of the movie I thought it was raining coins. When I looked closer it was just large rain drops. Then in the final scene of the movie I find out it really can rain money. The views looking up at the trees drew my breath away each time. I still do not know how or why. Jude is quite an actor. It was easy to cheer for his success. I am glad I took my kids to see this movie. My daughter described the movie as, "Intense!""
D.W., Seattle
"Lauire and I enjoyed the movie last night and were both quite impressed at the professionalism of the production and all the actors. The interplay between the children was just fantastic. I am sure you are proud of what you have created and I hope you get some recognition for your work"
Gary Ervin, Seattle
"The film Tall as Trees is an excellent movie with the right balance of action, excitement, tragedy, and triumph. I have even recommended it in group meetings to coworkers as a wonderful family film. Thanks to Gil Ponce and his success. Good luck and please keep making films like this"
R.H., Seattle
"My daughter and I enjoyed your movie last Thursday night. It was our first time to see an independent movie and we were glad we went. I thank Victor for inviting me. I hope you will be able to make another and if you do my daughter and I will see that one also. You have inspired me to see more independent movies in the future"
William Walters, Seattle
"Delightful film. Chin-Chin Gutierrez plays a very convincing Maria, making her death more tragic. Fraser was not quite as convincing. If a character is religious, should it be more deliberate, more obvious? Even if it's a cultural religiousity? Maria is on the plane and, during the turbulence, it appears that she was attempting to cross herself, to make the sign of the Cross, but it was so slight, so not there. This struck me the most - that Tall as Trees asks very quietly the big questions - why are we here, are we loving to each other, do we see the poor, how is family in our lives, how do we respond to tragedy? Thank you so much. It is evident that you have put your heart into this film. May God bless the next one if you so choose"
Steven M. Glenn, Seattle
"Watching the movie gave me a vicarious experience-- I was briefly transported back "home". Suddenly, I was in the middle of a typhoon-- wading waist deep in floodwaters in Espana, hot and perspiring in side a jeepney held in traffic, whilst little kids approach the vehicles and ask passengers for alms or sell you flowers or their wares. I felt so much compassion for Shutoy (he is my favorite!!) - having to learn to live by his wits in such a cruel world . How we should not lose faith in time of adversity was demonstrated in so many ways by some of the characters in the film -- the father who did not leave a stone unturned to search for his family; Jude who called on angel St. Michael to have mercy and keep him safe and thought of ways for them to earn more money in a legal and fun way; Shutoy -- who took Jude under his wing...Congratulations on a job well done..."
Estella Bennett, Seattle
"I thought the film was very interesting, with a significant message. I think that the street kids of the Philippines are, to a large extent, taken for granted. Whenever we go back to the PI, we see them, maybe see through them, and do not think much about how they got there"
Hazel Moraleja, Seattle
"Thank you, Gil for making “Tall as Trees.”… My Chinese Am. born, husband, my graduate student, daughter (both born in Washington), and I, went to see the movie this afternoon. It was a pleasure meeting you and talking with you about the movie. I have lived in the Seattle area for 36 years and have been back home in the PI only once in an exchange program, 12 years ago. Tall as Trees brought back childhood memories. It is a moving and touching story of real life experiences and challenges that exists in a corrupt country in particular the Phil. This is a movie that every Filipino should watch."
Lila Banez Chin, Seattle
"I enjoyed the movie very much. Being an American-born Filipino who only speaks English I was pleased to be able to understand breitling replica everything. I'm am reminded of the movie, "American Adobo" which had plenty of English but I was lost in the Tagalog dialog I did hear. Your movie opens up a whole new genre and one that suits me just right. Even though I grew up in California I could relate to the boys in the street and especially to the little girl who wanted to go to school. As you must know, education is the great equalizer, crossing all kinds of barriers."
Paul Alota, Seattle
"Congrats to you Gil and all who made this movie possible it was a movie worth watching it brings back the rolex replica reality of life that is still going on today in the P.I. This movie is a good family movie that all should watch. I feel this movie should have another part to it maybe someday cause it left me wondering how the other actors were doing I guess I wanted to see more of the movie and a happier side to it maybe seeing the son finally going to the U.S.A and the mom put to rest in a formal burial etc... I could go on and on but, Gil you're the director and maybe you've thought of that already so hope to see your next movie someday. Keep up the great work."
S.A.D, Seattle
"My husband and I enjoyed your charming movie. The kids were excellent! I will be recommending this movie to others."
Kristia Higgins, Seattle
"My wife and I saw it Friday night. I think the movie had a good plot but it ended with too many strings left open. How did the girl recoved/ or get taken care of. Did Jude's friend really die? It would have been nice to see Jude and his dad flying back to America. Did the father have to quit his job at Boeing (because he was so new at the job) to look for his family."
K.J., Seattle
"My wife, Marilou, daughter Casey, and I attended the 7:10 viewing yesterday. We had planned to see it last week, but things didn't work out, but based on the recommendation of Jose, my brother, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Casey and I do not understand Tagalog and while we are in the rec room when Marilou is watching Tagalog TV, all of us watching a Filipino movie in the English format, was a new experience for us"
J.F., Seattle
"The movie is awesome! I like your idea that use the real street Kids"
C.R.L., Seattle